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Learn how to nurture kids' passion for farming while making sure they stay out of harm's way on your agricultural operation.
This presentation recording shares strategies and tools educators and service providers can use to help women farm business owners integrate lifecycle events into the business planning process.
Join Margaret Viebrock of Washington State University Extension in this 2015 webinar recording as she shares ways to balance your busy farm life schedule.
This webinar recording looks at what data collected by the 2012 Census of Ag tells us about women farm and ranch operators.
Using Census of Agriculture data from 1978 through 2007, this report provides detailed information about women farmers and the types of farms they operate.
This 2016 webinar recording examines some of the major drivers in food purchase decisions, and then consider specific strategies for positioning your products in a rapidly changing marketplace.
This fact sheet highlights unique health and safety risk factors -- and practical solutions -- for women working in agriculture.
Women bring different perspectives, values and priorities to farm enterprises. This webinar recording focuses on what aspects of rural life are important to women, how they learn, and how that influences decision-making with regard to production, marketing and land management practices.
This webinar recording focuses on what aspects of rural life are important to women, how they learn, and how that influences decision-making with regard to production, marketing and land management practices.
This 2016 webinar recording focuses on legal issues small- and medium-sized diversified farms commonly encounter related to hiring and paying workers. It includes discussion of the minimum wage as it applies to farms, workers compensation, volunteer labor on farms, and discrimination in hiring.
This manual discusses operational and organizational issues related to sharing farm machinery for fruit and vegetable production.
Learn about strategies small-scale growers are using to scale up production through equipment-sharing models through this 2015 webinar recording.
Is it time for a pricing reboot? Do you know whether your prices are making you money or sending you to the poorhouse? When is it okay to sell something below cost? This 2016 webinar recording will guide you through a refresher on what you need to know to set smart prices.
This online fact sheet provides ergonomic guidelines that can help farm and ranch women prevent injuries that develop because of continuous activities over a long period of time.
Five things to consider when selecting a shovel.
This 2015 webinar recording offers practical strategies farmers can use to step up your game in social media and email outreach to more effectively promote direct sales at your farmstand and/or farmers markets.
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It can be hard to know when, and where, to invest your precious marketing dollars. This 2016 webinar recording looks at ways to draft a basic marketing plan designed to get small and medium-sized farms and food businesses the results they need.
Learn how to create farmers' market displays that really sell.
This toolkit contains materials for educators interested in programming to help develop of negotiation skills with women farmers and ranchers. The toolkit includes workshop materials, a recording of a training webinar, and a supplemental worksheet for participants.
One of the biggest challenges in reaching your farm goals is likely related to employees—finding, training, and retaining them. This 2016 webinar recording is the second of a two-part series aimed at helping women farmers and ranchers select the right employees and their teams off to a great start this growing season.
This paper examines exposure to occupational injury producing events among women within the context of role and Haddon’s Injury Model.
This 2017 article focus on how tool selection can affect the safety and productivity of women farmers.
Women’s Roles in Farm and Ranch Transition Planning is an online course for women in agriculture.The course introduces transition planning activities and terminology to give women of all ages specific action steps they can take. Women will learn how to help move a farm or ranch business to the next generation whether family or non-family is involved. Communication tips and tools will help women talk to their family and others.