The Art of Negotiation-Educators’ Toolkit

Helping farmers get what they need

Negotiation is an essential business strategy –whether farm women are negotiating a sales contract, an employment opportunity or want to clarify who is cooking dinner—negotiation is part of every agricultural business owner’s toolkit. But women frequently feel unprepared and unskilled in this form of communication. Following are materials for educators interested in exploring the development of negotiation skills with women farmers and ranchers. Below you will find workshop materials, a recording of a training webinar, and a supplemental worksheet for participants.

In this training we explore what negotiation really is (and what it is not), how to prepare for, and execute, a successful negotiation, and how to preserve a relationship when the deal falls apart. This interactive workshop is designed to address negotiation from the perspective of women farmers and ranchers, and encourages participants to explore why they may be reluctant to ask for what they need and why walking away from an opportunity can be so unsettling.

Watch the “Art of Negotiation” Webinar Recording (2018)

For more information on the workshop or to explore other training opportunities contact Mary Peabody.