Evaluating Your Women in Ag Program

You Did a Program: Now What?

Your stakeholders want to know what difference your programs make. You have limited time. In this recording of a workshop from the 2019 Women in Ag Programs for 21st Century Farms and Ranches conference, a team from Iowa State University’s Women in Ag Programs guides you through a process for going from program relevance to program impacts as efficiently as possible.

The presenters share their approach and a survey template you can adapt for your use and offer tips and tools for analyzing the data. The session included suggestions for how to use compelling stories to report program results to stakeholders, and walks you through a two-page report template you can adapt to describe your program relevance, response, results and impacts. 

Presenters: Arlene de la Mora, Cori Hyde, and Madeline Schultz, Iowa State University.

Additional Resources: Event Survey Template