Women in Ag Programs – West Virginia

West Virginia University Extension Service’s Women in Agriculture Program

WVU Extension Service’s Women in Agriculture program works to grow an inclusive network of empowered women who can skillfully manage finances, production and technology for their farms. The offers outreach, education and face-to-face interaction through a variety of classes, workshops and conferences.

WVU partners with Annie’s Project to provide:

  • tailored training, taught by local experts, and resources to meet the needs of women in your region;
  • small class sizes focusing on topics such as risk management, budgeting, business planning, marketing, farm and food safety; and
  • networking opportunities.

Annie’s Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational programs designed to strengthen women’s roles in the modern farm enterprise.

Email: Dee Singh-Knights
Website: https://extension.wvu.edu/agriculture/women-in-agriculture