Recorded Webinars


Webinar Title Date Presenters

Social Media & Email Marketing Tips to Increase Farm Market Sales

 June 2015 Pam Knights

Ag Safety for Women

 May 2015

Shari Burgus
Marilyn Adams

Risk Management and Your Agritourism Business

 April 2015 Gigi Neal
Christy Leeds
Christie Welch

Balancing Competing Commitments

 March 2015 Margaret Viebrock,

Machinery Sharing – Scaling Up Production for Small Farm Growers

 February 2015 Georgeanne Artz
Morgan Hoenig

Marketing Your Products – Turning Samples into Sales

 January 2015 Londa Nwadike
Lorin Fahrmeier

Heart of the Farm: Why Women’s Unique Family and Farm Business Roles Matter

 December 2014 Angie Carter
Jenny Barker-Devine
Sara Shepherd

By the Numbers: What the 2012 Census of Ag Tells us about Women Farm and Ranch Operators

 December 2014 Virginia Harris
Carolyn Sachs
Lyn Garling

Leading the Way: How Women are Changing Board Rooms and Rural Landscapes

 November 2014 Madeline Schultz,
Jewel Hairston
Kate L. Danner

Direct Marketing Meats

 September 2014 Lois Aylestock
Jennifer “Tootie” Jones

Your Body, Your Tools

August  2014 Liz Brensinger,
Ann Adams

Tune-Up Your Farm Market Booth To Boost Sales Webinar

 July 2014 Mary Peabody