An Annotated Bibliography on Structural Racism Present in the US Food System

Compiled by the Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems, this bibliography offers a foundation for learning and communicating about structural racism in the U.S. food system. The 7th edition, released in early 2020, includes
includes 250 publications and 29 videos that explore structural racism both across the national system and in specific food system sectors. Many of the resources also explore gender issues and sexism intersect with racism in the the US food system.

What do Northern New England Farmers Need to Adapt to Climate Change?

This 4-page, 2019 brief summarizes a study of how Northern New England farmers are impacted by climate change, specific tools and resources they need to adapt, and the barriers they encounter. It provides insights into ways advisors can better assist farmers with climate change adaptation, and the different perspectives researchers/advisors and farmers bring to the topic. The research, a collaborative effort of the University of Vermont and University of Maine, is ongoing. 

Creating a Sense of Belonging for Hispanic Farmers and Farmworkers in Agricultural Programming

A group of agricultural educators recently collaborated to improve efforts for connecting with Hispanics working in the agriculture sector. This research report documents the process and results of their efforts. Methods used in this project can serve as a model for others offering educational programming not just for Hispanic farmers and farmworkers, but for other underrepresented or non-traditional farming audiences.

Citation: Sánchez, E., Gorgo-Gourovitch, M., & Stivers, L. (2019). Creating a Sense of Belonging for Hispanic Farmers and Farmworkers in Agricultural Programming, HortTechnology hortte29(4), 476-481. Available at: